Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"start blogging again already you little bitch"

Honeys I'm Home!

My lovely tulips 
I have returned home after months of voyaging.
I am reunited with my laptop and although I had mostly decided to let this blog die a natural death I have decided upon the urgings of a few sweet humans to give it another run.

It will take a while to ease back into this, for one thing I haven't paid attention to anything 'fashion' for six months, and for another - all my clothes currently smell of mothballs which reduces my urges to wear anything other than the bare minimum.
Which leads me to say that this little brain dribble may not be all that 'fashion' for all that much longer. But who knows... I most certainly don't
And so, I will leave you with the background of my computer, which is mostly a marker of how totz behind the timez I am- 
Gaultier Couture s/s 2011

until we exchange html coding again... Love Love