Monday, February 28, 2011

Freedom for the Lobes

Oh Heck!
look at these Danielle Scutt FREEDOM at Topshop hair earrings

A week or so ago I trimmed my fringe and with the left over hair made an earring (resourceful Always).
My 13 year old sister thought it disgusting - "but you're a Freak! You're making a hair earring! Using Your Own Hair"
shush indeed

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Squishy Package

What happens when you send an love letter envelope to a lava lamp inspired acid party in the 1970s?
Christopher Kane's gel clutch at New York f/w11 happens.

I think it can be my new boyfriend. We'll go on long walks together, stylishly holding (figurative) hands. After a romantic dinner for two we'll cuddle up and watch Boardwalk Empire in bed. Our tastes will be oh-so compatible
And We Will Be Inseparable!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Never Gonna Fall For Modern Love

When I remembered today was Valentine's day I considered changing into something covered in hearts and flowers, but then I realised that my outfit was already dedicated to my one true love. 
Cue Outfit Post
 "What is my poochie doing" face

embracing of all cultures

Two posts in one day Wharrrt??

I will conform to the stereotypes Thank You Very Much

Sometimes I think about how absurdly predictably kitsch I am, and that maybe it is silly - and then I realise - it's actually Fabulous.

I used to work in a tea-room-and-gift-shop that was PINK. Everything kitsch and floral, and PINK. At work I would sit like an oversized lacy pink cupcake surrounded by an army of lacy pink trinkets. 
Some girls can't stand it, but I am all GIRL and I love PINK.

When looking at the Irregular Choice website I was constantly aware of how great being a girl is. Ruby sent me the link, but I'm not sure how she found the website originally. Now however my girliness is all up in arms.

I'm BossyBangers And MashTutti FruitsSpoilt RottenCan't Touch ThisSpecialzo
Country BumpkinBeans On ToastNational VacationOn A PromiseCarol RocksChica
All girl. All silly. The shapes are gorgeous and they're all so surprisingly cheap.
With adorable names too- there is one pair of heels called Tickling Loris - do you think they are referring to That Adorable Slow Loris that we must all love for ever and ever??

It's all about fat soles at the moment for me, and while all these are on the purchasing shortlist...
Garage GlamourCoolipops
Flashing Lights Moon Mixer

.... the true lust lies in these Amazing sneakers. They are too adorable. Do you ever reach that point when admiring goods when you realise you don't Want [it], you Need [it]? These are Needs.
Image Display

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S

This is the best collection campaign I think I have ever seen.
Admittedly I am hugely susceptible to advertising (and would definitely have joined the Peoples Temple in the early days because I am easily persuaded by song and dance)
but this clip makes me feel like
I just NEED to WEAR PRADA all the time
and wear MINIMALIST BAROQUE sunglasses 
(because my favourite pair Blew Out The Car Window Last Week And It Was Shit)

I still don't get that Miu Miu collection, but oh baby Miuccia's Prada s/s 2011- all bananas and block colours and monkeys - I think I need to dance my excitement off.

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Clash Far Greater Than Any Horrible 3-D Titans

I'm a simple gal with simple desires. All I want is to wear clashing prints, clashing colours and lush textures.
And Marni Pre Fall 2011 striped tights.
The whole collection feels embracing of the 'new minimalism' movement while keeping true to the unique Marni stylings. Utilitarian shapes with flashes of violent colour.
If I ever become a business babe who needs to wear business attire, this will be it. Also if I become an high school English teacher.
I find the beige tone ruffles there a wee bit suggestive, no?
Stay funky young funks

(dick - by Ruby)