Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunny Yodelling with Sonny and Cher (the last bit is a lie)

New Skirt Today!
We shall call the print 'Switzerland in the Summer Time'. Matched it with my favourite 90s pink lace crop top.
It is the fashion worlds equivalent of this film clip-

I was inspired to do a bit of a Tavi style mood board, but I was restricted to the things that were within reach/not underneath a pile of debris
Super Kawaii Alarm clock was a gift this week!
Toothbrush and love heart notepad from Daiso

Also on the gift front I was bequeathed some brilliant purple cords this week
 Neck to Ankle Corduroy! Makes me want to climb trees. Thug.

"such a sexy swedish working girl but not naughty working like working mum who does painting classes on the weekend" - Ruby

Zoe also demands recognition for bringing B*witched 'back'. So we must thank her for being so wise and benevolent. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm Going To Iceland. Just You Wait And See.

New Hair Hack as of yesterday
"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life"
I heard that saying the other day and realised that it is pretty apt in regards to my recent life. Some of you may remember my long long hair from the early days of this blog, and since cutting off those long tresses at the start of December I have done some pretty drastic things that were all lacking in fore-thought (that's not to say I regret any of it)
- Moved out of home. And back again (I use the term 'moved out' loosely but the rent money says it was real)
- Broke up with my boyfriend
- Left my university and planned a trip overseas instead
- I've also gotten over my huge fear of driving and have become determined to get my license
A changed woman no?
I haven't cleaned my room in that time though.

On an unrelated note, as I got dressed the other day I noticed this coat hanging on my friends clothes rack. It went so well with what I was wearing that I had to snap a photo. I doubt she reads this blog so hopefully I'll get off scot free, but the coat was self-made by Stephanie Walrevens (a fashion student, so keep your ears open for that name in a few years)

Stay Crisp My Little Pears

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Water. (this is not a typical frivolous mind-numb)

Yesterday was World Water Day, a day where we consider the great wonder, and also the great destruction that water can bring. 
In the aftermath of the Japanese quake and subsequent tsunami it is hard for anyone to forget what a hugely annihilating force water can be. In Australia alone thousands are still attempting to recover from the floods in Queensland -
And while our fruits rot and we rebuild our houses we can look across the ocean and feel a devastation far far greater still.
All Because Of Water. As the Doctor so aptly said in 'The Waters of Mars' - "Water is patient, water just waits. It wears down the clifftops, the mountains, the whole of the world. Water always wins!" and it was spooky, and it was right, because water can be spooky and The Doctor is Always Right. The Grand Canyon is evidence of this, a marginal amount of water, wearing down the world around it for a millennia.

And while this force can be so loud and wash away lives, it also allows the world around us to exist. 
Here is lies one of -what I see to be- the great miracles of the modern world (because science can also be miraculas) There Is Fresh Clean Water Available At Numerous Point IN MY HOUSE! And probably your house! And it can be hot or cold, and you are always free to access it. WHAT GENIUS! It allows me to be clean, to be nourished, to provide sustenance to the lives around me, and to generally Keep Going.
Without this crazy clear substance that arrived on our planet in millions and millions of tiny space rocks we JUST WOULDN'T BE. I know that's pretty bloody simple, but it's also pretty bloody Awe Inspiring.

And so my dears, do not dispair, for while at times it may seem that the world is falling down around us, that Mother Nature is giving us the old 'Fuck You', we must always remember to bask in the wonder of our world and appreciate the clever clever people that have manufactured the surrounds on which many of us are so dependant. 
In this we are indebted - and so it is our duty as educated citizens of this modern world to do everything in our power to preserve and spread the gift of water. 
To enable all people to access this clean water as freely as we do, to preserve dear Earth, to-get-off-this-fucking-ridiculous-high-horse-and-recognise-that-solar-wind-hydro-and-thermal-power-are-the-best-chance-we-have. 
And Baby remember - Appreciate Every Day.
Iceland gave Bjork the island Elliðaey as a 'Thank You' - It is one of my favourite things in the world


PS. I actually take back to some extent that rant about solar, wind, thermal and hydro power. I'm not a scientist so I shouldn't be passing judgment. That's just what seems logical to me.

And so today I have taught you a wee bit more about myself. Including that I have a brain beyond the frivolous. And that I am a huge Doctor Who nerd and science nerd in general. Actually science blows my mind so regularly that I am constantly in awe of the Fucking Miracle that life is and would much rather blog about such things but my capacity to understand is hugely limited. I am in debt to those people who can understand and explain things to anyone willing to listen. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Be Like The Raggydolls and say "I Just Don't Care"

I was heckled today! It was brilliant. On the country train home in the country, I clambered aboard and instantly heard -
"OMG did you See that girl in the yellow bow?"
"Why is she wearing That?" "Where do you find clothes that gross?" "She looks like an old woman" "I'd rather die than be dressed like that" and so on and so forth. (Should I mention that of these youths the girls were wearing legging/tracksuit pants and hoodies, an inch deep in make up and playing Rihanna loudly from a phone?)
 As they got off they hurled a few more and gave me the finger. Brilliant. Later I saw them as I walked down the street - they yelled 'FREAK' at me from the other side of the road.
Oh how I have missed this.

The outfit however is disappointing banal -
 (Seductively unbuttoning? The first time I have ever used the word seductive in regards to myself? things to ponder)
 (Matching Two Piece! + gold tights, not strange coloured legs)
I bought a duffle coat in celebration! and I didn't even have to break a note - lovely country op shops

Monday, March 14, 2011


Jason Wu is back with another models of fashion week compilation!
Not only is it Super fun, but watching it reminds me of heaps of shit I loved from Milan/Paris this year / shit I need to look up. (lol 'need to look up'. so serious!)

Though to be fair, I still Love the New York SS2011 sing-a-long just a bit more.
I think it's the boys.
Actually, I Know it's the boys. Let's all run away and become fun loving models together. (Once I figure out how to become attractive It Will All Fall Into Place!)
(Chuck Bass at 0.57?)
(Serves to remind us why models rarely make for good actors)

Friday, March 11, 2011


University is back for the year. I'd rather be doing this -
(circa 1997. Hairstyle - exactly the same)
But I have to pretend to be a grown up. jk I study film making.

Here's the sorry tale: I study in the city and live in the country. The travelling is quite a pain so I stay in the big smoke with friends when I need to be at uni. ('Why not move out?' is a situation I will refrain from whinging about right now) So - I live out of a backpack for many days of the week. 
It kinda sucks but I figured I could make a gift for my fellow commuting freaks by offering this:

How To Make More Outfits From Fewer Clothes
Clothes of the week - Princess dress, cable knit jumper, oversized silk man shirt, Ruby's American Apparel leggings and that fluffy headband you can maybe see in the middle? 
Lasted: Monday to Thursday
Treasured Backpack. Day 1.
Day 2. 
(I always feel like such a wanker posting this pose-y shite)
This dress is ma favvvorite. 'Angelic' and 'etherial' were the words of the day. As was the statement 'You look like my mum at her wedding'.

Day 3
'Oh hi there fellow student!' Taking photos in 'empty' university rooms can be strange. Also - look at my lovely eye! Del Kathryn Barton x Romance Was Born (I think)
Day 4

Farewell for now. Already behind on my homework. xxx

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Little Lusting Lusts

I just really want a little lace veil attached to a headband without the Maison Michel price tag attached. (Ears Optional). Like a lacy sex bunny, with none of the sex appeal (dressing for the other sex is wrong and Must Be Avoided).
~Enquire within for gift giving~

Tiny Succulent Garden Ring
They're not real! When excitement is followed by harsh reality at etsy.

Oh Little Plastic Karl - won't you in your acrylic wisdom watch over me? Much like the real Karl I imagine them both to withstand age and assault in the same way - to sneer - all cold and hard and fabulous.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oscar the Grouch

Dear Cate
Thank you for being stylish.

Wearing Givenchy Couture where everyone else is too dull. Doesn't she look stately? Don't you wish she was your mother?
The stiff shoulders, the smattering of yellow against virginal white - spewing pearls from a cut-out mystery love disk. Little tentacles reaching down to frame her vagina. 
Like some elegant child of Neptune brought down to make us reconsider 'hot' - 
I mean, this gal looks 'hot' but anyone with a figure like that can look good in a Red Singlet, but there's no Style. 
"Hey boyz - look Boobies" meh

gimme velvet clad vampire tits any day
Helena Bonham Carter Colleen Atwood 2011 Academy Awards Oscars red carpet dress
I will salute that flag. Helena you're still my Queen.

...But the Oscars are an event to showcase the film industry, not to facilitate your Petty Bitching. That gal in the red may be a superb actor and all you can say is that she should be shamed for flaunting her figure,  you should be remarking upon her talents...
trust me, I do that too 
~I'm Pretentiously Critical about Everything~