Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fashern Tawlk - perfect prints

here's some perfect clothes:

Mary Katrantzou can do no wrong,
so Mary for Topshop is probably the best thing happening in high street fashion at the moment
See the collection here and see how much you can't buy here

Also - please to be looking at her Autumn Ready-to-wear 2012, it is angular amazing

Then of course there's Tsumori Chisato s/s12 
The show started with bubble cute clashing fabrics and ended with a spectacular Tropical Wonderland in the Orient:

Leit-Motiv from Italy have some fabulous prints, particularly for men

And Louise Gray Autumn 2012 is geometric punk clashdom

I forgot Meadham Kirchhoff, their aesthetic has always been more-is-more girl punk, this season a bit more subdued but with some fabulously wearable highlights


Sunday, February 5, 2012


So just now I was doing that teenage girl thing where you look through 90s pictures of Kate Moss and think about how cool she is
and then it hit me
As of this weeks birthday, I'm not even a teenager
Bloody Hell
I'm not only just not a teenager anymore, I'm now older than Kate Moss where she wore that see through slip at age 19
(such a super team, here's another 90s Naomi x Kate for good measure)

But then I found these pictures of Kate aged 21 and I thought 'well hey, still super bangin', it will all work out for the best'
I mean, I recognise that in a year I might not be at a major award ceremony trotting down the red carpet with a cross generational heart throb, but there's a good chance. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

What Colour's Your Brittany?

Oh No! - that day marked on ALL our calendars in pink biro and love heart stickers

so, Obviously you know what's coming next...
Thanks Betty! 'Hair for down there'
am I right?
I totally should have screen capped the one targeting Valentines day but I was so excited by the idea of a MALIBU BOX that I forwent common logic.

Seriously though, there are Great Minds doing Great Things every day
who knew they could do it with brightly coloured bits?
The question now is - malibu blue? sexy lilac? lucky green? a rainbow (no question - rainbow)
that should brighten up this festive season