Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Picture Book. Pictures of your Mama, taken by your Papa a Long Time Ago

A postcard! A picture book!
Gashlycrumb Tiny!
How many clashing prints can we fit together?
 Why Yes! There is a bedazzled yabbie on my cap. You don't have one? (expression of someone who really wants to eat your sandwich)
 OH! You didn't know I OWN THE GREATEST SHOES IN THE WORLD?! Shame on you!
Look at them, pride of place in my bedroom (it's a shed, I love it)
But They're Art! They Can't live in the Shoe Drawer!

(you can also call an exclamation mark a bang! cool!)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Drippy, Droppy, Drapey

 Argh! Rodarte SS 2011! Where is the Rodarte in this collection?
The Mulleavy sister's certainly veered from their perfected deconstructionism this year for a naturalistic and understated collection. (I don't know why I'm assuming this know-it-all tone, I was just really surprised by the show)
Farm-yard aesthetics gave way to wood grains, a touch of blue and green, before closing with gold pieces that reflected the girls previous motifs of layering and draping. It seems to reflect a passage of time, ya know peasant to merchant to noble. 

Also, I saw a clip recently where Jason Schwartzman was loving on Rodarte! 
Dear Jason,
I love you. So much.
Love Jazz
 Fall 2009
 Fall 2009 - 'Fall' is a bloody stupid term
 Fall 2008
 Spring 2008 - Is that Iekeliene Stange?

 Is this 2010? I can't remember. Such a good collection though, all maroon and tribal and sequin-y
 Spring 2009
Spring 2009

Today I draped a scarf and lamented the lack of Rodarte in my life (a not uncommon past-time)
Then I looked off-camera like a really lame poser, though in reality it was because my mum was yelling 'wanker' at me. Looking a bit bosomly.
This pink scarf was a present. So was the crown. Lovely clever friends. A man in the supermarket called me the 'Yawning Princess'
Also, these socks may look cute, but the paint rubs off and makes me a little sad. You can't see, but the blue socks matched the blue head scarf.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tis The Season To Be Thinking About 'The Season'

As Christmas draws nearer and nearer with every ugly window display it seems a perfect time for an extravagant and self-indulgent wish list (or idealistic blog post). Feel free to send me a little care package with any of the following:

Alexander Wang's Aviator Cape from the SS10 American-themed collection. My life is quite clearly in need of this zippy beauty.
-Enlarge the pretty pictures- 
The aviator cap is attached to the cape! A spectacular way to put scarves out of business.

Noel Stewart heaven hat from his SS2011 Haberdaze collection. It's the idea of being a nuisance in elevators that makes it so pleasing, because no one can tut you when you're This Fabulous

The Luxirare camera bag that inspired this list wish list - it's everything practical and wonderful in one delicious calf-hide box. If you've ever lugged around a chunky camera you really should click click and be amazed by this genius of this bag

 Something Julia deVille. I went to one of her exhibition opening earlier this year, where I realised I don't want, I need a taxidermic piglet cover in tiny silver lilies and gem encrusted snout.

Anything from the 40 year anniversary Kenzo show this year. Honestly, anything.
Image from Dazed Digital

After Tom Ford's way-too-sexy Nicholas Hoult campaign this year, I have been lusting after a really lovely pair of sunglasses (I will blindly follow good advertising. Thankfully the world is lacking in Don Drapers). Linda Farrow Luxe would do nicely, or Tom Ford's Karina, or Karen Walker, or... well there are of course more, but I become repetitive (more repetitive that is).

A room from Kitsch Deluxe. Or the book itself would suffice

Generally I love the outrageousness of Bernhard Willhelm (a book on him would also be great), but I'm strangely drawn to his black and white creations at the moment. Without trying to be hyperbolic, Bernhard Willhelm was the first fashion designer that I ever encountered that revealed there was more to fashion that what I'd been previously spoon fed. (And his muse is Bjork! (can't get umlaut's to work) - what's not to love?)

Along with about 300 000 other treats, any of the above will do nicely for Christmas. 
Oh, and while you're busy shopping up a storm, if you could somehow create some embodiment of Karl Lagerfeld's Guide To Life that could sit on my shoulder and snicker at people, it would be highly appreciated. On that note, I shall leave you with some wise words from the dear man himself
I dislike the word stress. Stress is not elegant. Stress is always frizzy hair. Lopsided (lopsided is my current favourite word) glasses and frantic hand gestures. Move slowly, readers, always. In your car, pull out like it weighs nothing and is carried like a skein of silk on the breeze – you will never have a crash because everyone will stop in your presence. Use your hands slowly, like you are moving through molasses. Elegance is slowness, patience and eyes that could shoot a whole room dead if they wanted to. Go slow, speak quieter and hold longer, then people will listen. Have you ever tried speaking quieter in a chatty group? Everyone gabs louder and louder and as soon as you open your mouth their silence and rapture.

If you have read this far, you are a very tolerant.

The Joy of Plastic

Isn't it perfect, aren't I divine, don't you think I'm more me than I've ever been?"
Yes, in the wise words of Fran I am more Me than ever before, thanks to Hello Kitty, and more specifically, my new watch
On the left is a drawing of my ideal watch. It was inspired by someone's pencil case in year 11 maths - the soft plastic frill is imperative to the overall design. Failing that watch, I became the owner of the silver watch in the photo. But all this changed yesterday when I found That Hello Kitty watch in an Op-shop for $2!
(there were also heaps of old Who magazines - one of them has an article about 'hot young couple Justin and Brittany' !!)
(isn't that a cheeeezy photo? so kitsch)

Harajuku girl, Hello Kitty swarovski, Doc Martins, Hello Kitty wedding dress, Sailor (Chibi) Moon, Britney Spears in Pop, Sailor Moon, gems

Friday, November 26, 2010

St. Peter Preached The Epistles To The Apostles Looking Like That

Meadham Kirchhoff Spring 2011
It's like a Harajuku girl vomited on a mild-mannered punk. 
Add the shoes to my Christmas list please darling.
The Meadham Kirchhoff show in September began with a tape from an old Courtney Love interview, and the entire collection obviously reflects the Riot Grrrrl and Kinderwhore mentality of Courtney and here contemporaries.
"You want feminine? Fine! Here. HOW ABOUT SOME MORE?! YES!? too much? 
Well Fuck You. Don't tell grown women to look like little girls and then snarl when the results are twisted" - That's how I hear it anyway. Gorgeous.
... and all the peasants shall wear a wide collar and fluffy jacket. And it will be good.

 Pink, yellow and purple is one of my favourite colour combinations, the grunge style hair however takes it away from lolly-pop land and makes the viewer question kewpie-doll death-stare 'pretty'.
A couple of times it touches on being a bit too reminiscent of a Lolita fantasy, but obviously we will wear the clothes with the appropriate accessories, for we are all clever, and know that the runway is not intended as a full-wardrobe, 
and it will be good. 
 Weeping angel dress? Yes! Sheer? Yes! To the floor? Yes!

 The Good Witch of the North.

images brought to you by here, style.com and sailor moon