Friday, January 7, 2011

Next Christmas I hope to find a Punk in my Pudding

After dearly desiring those s/s2010 Miu Miu collars, I, like every other cheap bastard bought a too-big second hand shirt and decorated it myself. I attempted the cat, and, failing dismally went for a more Vivienne Westwood 07 thing. (Which will probably remain my excuse for every failed drawing for the rest of my life.)
Vivienne Westwood ready-to-wear Spring 2007

Ugly shirt lead to a stand alone collar. I had fun with it on Christmas day paired with this gorgeous Therese Rawsthorne dress.
Ah, but every business day must come to an end. Off with the collar - with an expression that says both "too much champagne" and "there is uneaten Christmas pudding with My Name on it".
-Yay! Party with Viv and Pamela-

PS. How cute does smiling Lindsey look at the top!?


  1. Your collar is RAD! It's seriously inspired some crafternoon possibilities in me! Perhaps some Miu-cats with sequins? Too much? Not enough?

  2. Print out the Miu Miu pattern on one of those iron on things and then iron it on to your collar. :3
    I've seen people who do that. It looks pretty legit.

  3. i Like your work on collar, but like more your last outfit, the hairband is really pretty!

  4. love that you made you own collar. cute

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  5. I love your blog! So cute and creative! :)
    come check out mine, and follow!

    p.s. that headband is gorgoues!

  6. your collar is too cute! :)