Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dolce and Gabbana winter2013

this isn't a revolutionary collection, but it's also practically faultless (in the eyes of Dr T J Eckleburg*)

I loved something about everything and everything about some
Perfection -
Renaissance , Rococo, Baroque themes
and it ticks every goddamn box under the heading 'Details'
Gold brocade · Embroidery · Black lace veils · White tulle · Floral prints · Embellished sunglasses
Stiff capes · Corsets · Bridal gowns
Silk dress pajamas · Maroon smoking jackets · Distressed velvet shoes

The hair embellishments and jewellery evoked the Elizabethan era while maintaining an inherent youthfulness

I can hardly even distinguish a separation between the men's and women's collections, they're so aesthetically entwined
once again: Silk Dress pajamas · Maroon smoking jackets · Distressed velvet shoes

*I am not referencing god with a capital G, I wanted to talk about myself but also felt Gatsby metaphors rolling off the tongue... I THINK OF MYSELF AS THE OMNIPRESENT EYES OF DR T J ECKLEBURG**
**That's not true

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  1. I always love watching Dolce and Gabbbana fashion shows on Youtube, it's always so entertaining. I love their iconic three line runway so much!