Tuesday, March 6, 2012

'hello, yes, this is the secretary goth'

Outfit posts started grossing me out a while ago for that weird mix of self exploitation and narcissism that they exemplify
'I am nothing more than the clothes that I wear' sort of projection.

Which is a weird sort of hypocrisy because it's one of my favourite things on other peoples blogs, whether or not I like the clothes, I either mock from my high tower or admire their self expressionism and generally enjoy other humans. 
It also annoyed me that an item of clothing was tainted after I put it on the internet, because people would say IRL (the expression/abbreviation/acronym 'irl' is the BEST thing EVAH) oh yeah I saw that on your blog and I'd make the disapproving Marge Simpson noise in my brain and cease to wear that item of clothing for a while.

But, all that aside, here is how I wore my face today, I was listening to Gwen all morning, can you tell?
stupid photobooth suck pictures shit lighting

my tip to wearing black lipstick: smile all the time because it is kinda confusing and your lips will look amazing.


  1. I love your outfit and your hair and make-up are amazing!!
    I like Gwen inspired bindi!