Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Case in point

This is exactly what is wrong with our society.
I saw this on facebook today, all the children involved are aged around 14-16.
10 hottest chicks: :)
Feeding our fucked up misogynist society by valuing females only for their appearance - fostering animosity and competitiveness amongst young women and objectifying them to all.
The part that scares me the most is the girls 'liking it' as though this is a compliment - "yes! I beat my peers to this arbitrary list, because my appearance is valued I am therefore valued" - they don't even realise how derogatory it is


  1. You're pretty much a massive cunt. HTFU. The list is stupid, but not everyone is stupid when they are kids. It's what kids do. It's silly that you don't recognise this.

  2. Dear Anonymous, I think you missed the point.
    I also think it's a bit excessive to call me a massive cunt if you agree that the list is stupid. I'm not ragging on kids, I'm saying that sexism is fostered at a young age and if we make it unacceptable for young people to be sexist we can perpetuate equality.
    Also I do not know what HTFU means.
    - J