Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Key Change! Rips off ballgown to reveal flares underneath in a MUSICAL CLIMAX

k, so I'd been planning a Lizzie McGuire fashion post for ages but I just really struggled finding pictures of the pant/crop top/hair accessory sass that I so dearly remember, and I forgot about the whole thing.
But then my friend said he didn't know That's So Raven was a tv show and I freaked out that all the great style icons of the 2000s were going forgotten
so talk to the palm 2000s fash ignorance, take it away Lizzie
Miranda, girl, that outfit is rockin my world
 ballgown/crop top jacket, just watch it, there was too much to printscreen and I couldn't get a good shot of the flare reveal

This emotion is everything always (Cat Crown Shirt!)

She's just So Raven!

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  1. I watched the Lizzie Maguire movie literally last week on the off chance and I was thinking the exact same thing, alas, the clothes are so fantastic.