Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Video Meliora Proboque Deteriora Sequor (I see and approve the better ways, but I follow the worse ones)

Let us consider Miu Miu Spring 2011
Exhibit # 1 - Swan Dress:
Heaven! Bit of an awkward length, but that silkiness, the black setting off the swan, those greens, a chunk of pleats - delicious
Exhibit #2
 Snake dress, no wonder Eve was naughty, look at the fluoro pleats and the snake peeking at her fanny.
Exhibit #3
 Cute cut outs, but a bit of an odd paper bag effect,
and now comes the down-turn
Exhibit #4
A dress that makes Abbey Lee Kershaw look likes she's trying on her busty aunty's negligee? No! It all clashes, but not in a fab way, in a strange baggy way - the whole thing makes me uncomfortable.
Exhibit #5

In conclusion, this collection troubled me. Too much glitz with not enough glam.
It makes me feel like Miuccia forgot about Miu Miu and threw together this mash of Ziggy Stardust and nanna wear too late, and with ill consideration. Obviously there are some singularly gorgeous pieces, but as a whole, the collection felt strained.
I saw a photo of Lindsey Wixson smiling the other day. It was fantastic - like this collar and unlike the bulkiness of the jacket body.
Oh swanny swan, swan about with me


  1. love miuccia to no end. and i actually love the length, i think it adds to that little girl perversion/ youth obsession with fame thing