Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stopping by Dinner in a Snowy Climate

It is freezing. It is weather like this that makes you think Hell can't be all that bad, at least it's warm. It is weather like this that makes you consider trading in your sister for an electric-snuggie. It is weather like this that makes me regret living in a shed.

My little horse must think it queer, 
To stop without a farmhouse near. 
Between the woods and frozen lake, 
The darkest evening of the year.**

but instead of 'little horse' let's say 'dinner friends', and replace 'to stop without a farmhouse near' with 'to wear bright summer clothes'. And there we have it - bright clothing on 'the darkest (and coldest) evening of the year.' 

HoneyBunnies do you see those lacey puff cuff sleeves? You're feelin it aint you?
 Dora exploring her way around delicious tapas and fine cocktails.
My recently finished passport case//closeup of lovely layered tights.

Stay safe young ones. Those in Melbourne - avoid frostbite! 
O' Vietnam in 11 days how sweet it will be!

**I know that poem's a metaphor for depression. No - I'm not depressed, just partial to some Bobby.


  1. oooft i LOVE what you're wearing! wwwwwwoeeeeeeeeeeowowow

  2. Honey, you're hilarious.

    I thought I was cold in Brisbane but we've got nothin' on Melbourne.

  3. Thank you so much for following my blog. I new you were unique the moment I set eyes on yours.
    Following you.

  4. You haven´t got a follow google gadget. Do let me know when you do.

  5. I will just add you to my blogroll. Is that ok with you???

  6. I love the outfit. And Robert Frost- that poem is the best poem ever. Your adaptations work well too. ;)

  7. d d d d d d DORA!!! FTW! sniper no sniping! nice to have a new refreshing creative in my blogroll <3
    follow if you wanna keep up to date :)
    Medusa x

  8. You are actually completely adorable! So quirky and cute. I love quirky, my girlfriend says it is the word I overuse the mostest!

    You may like my etsy shop actually - I know that's just blatant advertising and it is indeed very annoying but it actually kind of reminds me of you.

    I'll follow your blog because I do believe you would be good inspiration for my little handmade goodies.

    Here's my bloggy link http://decemberwings.blogspot.com/

  9. Aww, your outfit is really cute, i like all the colours :D yay for your flowery passport case too!

  10. This is a beautiful outfit ! Where do you live to be cold now ? You'll be mad if you know that I love the cold and hate the hot weather !


  11. I have a love/hate relationship with cold weather, but it's mostly my fault because I looove summer clothes and I love wearing them even if it's cold.

    You looks so cute!


  12. Wow, the colours on that shirt are awesome! And the passport case is just brilliant. I'd love to see where you've travelled to. :)