Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things that make me want to be violently ill

case in point - this bullshit 'fashion label' recently making stomachs turn nation wide - WildMai (if that Is your Real name)
This 'new and exciting label established in Melbourne' seems to have confused fashion with Trailer Park Bondage and I for one Am Not Amused (well, you know, Technically I'm amused, but in the direction of disgust, not in the Stephen Fry quips and witticism way)

However, I digress from what triggered this rant (because if I was mentally fatigued by every bit of clothing I didn't find aesthetically pleasing I wouldn't have time to let my blue cheese reach room temperature before I eat it, let alone blog).
The real reason I wanted to do this post was after seeing a comment on ol WildMai's facebook:
'oh yes all our hideous $300 fur vest are real fur'. Uh, pardon, did you say REAL? 
Are You for Fucking Real? Real fur. 

Oh yes, I love the smell of carcass-on-the-side-of-the-road-in-soviet-russia-paid-for-this-heinous-piece-of-clothing Real.
I take back all the self-justification bullshit I spouted on fur, because hell, I thought I was defending wearing my vintage finds, I didn't think assholes were still making this shit. I guess I figured that after Chanel did faux fur - that if heart-of-flint Karl was ready to recognise the end of fur - everyone would follow. But trust these fuckers over at Wildmai to bring reality crashing back.
So, now I don't know what to think anymore. Maybe they are pest animal furs, and maybe this shit is all humane and above board, 
but no matter what, they can't justify what is an undeniably inhumane truth:
My Eyes Are Permanently Seared By How Fucking Ugly These Clothes Are
like, this shit's for real

Post Script - I trawled back so far though the Nigel No Trends archives looking for some gif that would convey my disgust. I didn't find one. But I did find this:


  1. Amen Sister! This is utterly unfortunate.

  2. what in highly-flammable-polyester-hell is wildmai? Is this a Chapel Street thing?

  3. Fuck off you vegan cunt. Wearing fur is no worse than eating meat.