Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dying For It

Good day lovelies, 
I'm going to talk picture-journal you through an afternoon I had recently:

Start this tale by imagining the sort of girls who would hang out with young Drew
 eat treats and talk about boys
while the peroxide destroys our brain cells in the most non-zombie fab way...

Yes that's right babes! This is a tale about NewHairColour. 

 Initially I was looking for an aqua-green but ended up going for Crazy Colour lavender

Channeling babe vibes while the dye sets in: 

And then!
 PurplePinkBlonde frivolity! 

One must finish any afternoon such as this by being Antisocial at a party - 
and here we have it babes! 
New Hair for New Times 

What do you think little SeaShells? 
I love it, but in a strange way I can't wait for it to wash out so I can pick a new colour to be. (And by that time I will be indulging in London city with oh so many more choices than dear ol' Melbourne, Australia)

Side note - I'm pleased to inform you that my lastest purchase (from Urban Outfitters) is all that Jackie-O fabulousness and tortoise-shell more that matches the hair Perrr-Fect-Ly

Eat Well And Stay Safe Cherubs


  1. So lovely!

    Maybe you'd like to follow each other? :)

  2. I love all these pictures. Those Hello Kitty cupcakes are unreal. I would be scared to eat them.
    And your hair looks rad!

  3. Your hair looks brilliant! Oh man, I am so tempted to dye mine.

    Except I'd dye it that Kool Aid red/orange.

    And my hair is naturally red.

    So I'd have to peroxide it to dye it red.

    Which...yeah, doesn't really make much sense at all.

  4. Love the hello kitty cupcakes, yummy for the eyes !!

  5. I love the hair colour! And of course, Drew Barrymore circa the 90s! ;)

  6. Love the hair and love the sunglasses! Perfect combination. You're so adventurous!

    also, thanks for the comment.