Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Fury of the Furry

 -outfit I wore to a free lunch that someone filmed and will eventually be on the telly-
some thoughts on fur: in Australia there are some animals - rabbits and foxes in particular - that are killed in mass to help protect native flora and fauna from destruction (or kangaroos which often reach plague proportions and pose great problems to farmers). I personally have no issue with wearing the furs of pest animals. In fact I find it more environmentally sound to use these byproducts in a productive manner which may ultimately protect other animals from being hunted for their furs. Though I have never bought new fur, always vintage, so I don't feel I've ever actively supported the current industry, despite some lovely purchases.

But anyway, let's focus for a moment on the truly important thing about this outfit - I'm wearing shit loads shed loads of pink:



  1. Hehehe love this outfit. SO PINK!

    As for fur, I should disapprove, being vegan and all, but that is a good reason to have killed those animals, though I'm not sure kangaroo coats are all that common. (Prove me wrong, I'm English!) Personally I'm a bit too freaked out by fur (I try to pretend my old leather stuff isn't leather and still wear it though, ew) but it looks lovely.
    End of long comment. ;)

  2. Gday Jazz, it's been a while! Read this and I'm sure you'll guess who this is. I saw this post and just wanted to say a couple things on the subject. You're free to stop reading if it seems I'm getting too preachy or telling you what to do, that ain't my intention! My main problem with yr piece is that's not really how any fur is obtained. My understanding is the reason these animals are pests is because it's so hard to find and cull a sizeable amount of them. Farmers would if they could, but the reason there's a problem with these animals is culling them always seems to be too little too late. It's sorta like asking a vegan "would you eat eggs if they were from yr own chickens who you loved blahbalabla, the answer's usually "yeah well I don't have chickens". In reality, most fur you'll find in Australia (like most clothing) comes from China. The usual procedure for these animals is to be in tiny enclosures their whole life, before they're skinned for their fur, and for whatever reason they're usually alive when they're skinned. Vintage fur is generally made before the mid-80s, before this time there were no laws in Australia to protect them from this type of treatment either. Essentially this means whatever fur you're wearing was originally made from some pretty disgraceful conditions. Personally (and I mean personally, this is just some spiritualhippyvegan bullshit I honestly don't expect anyone to listen to), I get really grossed out, as well as upset about the suffering which has happened in obtaining that fur, and consequently don't find anything stylish or attractive or especially kind about it (I even have an aversion to faux-fur!). But yeah, that's just me.
    Finally this comment would not be complete without mention of all the pink. Nice. Very nice indeed!

    Hope you're well,
    -You know who

  3. My formal was rather jolly thank you.
    I like your tights, I hope they never get a hole in them.
    I don't know anyone who wears illegal tiger fur. So I don't really have a strong opinion on it. I think pest fur is ok.