Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Think pink! think pink and you're Michelangelo.

Here is a pick and mix of images that kinda fit my 'babe manifesto' mind-set at the moment.
 Try not to be distracted by babe'n 90s Kate, focus on the important things - like careful sticker placement, dark lips and beige strappy sandals** 
Expressionist vaginas, passive torsos - Dolce and Gabbana Autumn 2011
 We'll call this guy Arnold (cream on his face and the picture of content)
 Dolly - matching cuffs to bra Or flared-sleeve lace onesie?  // Totoro Nails
Remember when Kay Thompson told us that Red is dead, blue is through, green's obscene, brown's taboo? What to do? (THINK PINK)
 Evita era Madonna. Yeh, she can see into your soul, but in the good way, you know - like a white, skinny and disinterested Oprah. (Vogue USA October 1996 Photographed by Steven Meisel)
Back when hair went puffy, roller-skates supreme and condoms were for priests - Boogie Nights. //

Fantasy night at the Jim Henson play mansion?

And now for some breathtakingly in sync babes - "Listen boy, my first love story. Ooh Uh Oh Ooh Uh Oh Yeah"
Why K-Pop is not more popular in Australia is beyond me. Girls Gen' is everything that's good in the world in one all singing all dancing package. (With matching minishorts!)

Do you feel enriched now that you are full to the brim with fluffy pink joy? Of course.
Play safe babes, eat well.

**(seriously though guyz, can someone talk sandals with me? cute ones that don't hurt or suck - perfect for a forthcoming trip to Vietnam?) 


  1. I love your blogg!! so nice! I follow you! kisses ;)

  2. oh gosh, I kind of hate sandals. look at me, being so attuned to the fine print! I usually go for open toed espadrilles (comfy, airy, not as ugly as a sandal) maybe like a 50s babe manifesto? (haha I like that expression)