Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crustaceans Really Should Just Come in 'Glitter' already

Wholesome gal - sitting in the garden, painting a giant shell with glitter. (if you like this you should see the birdhouse I made a few weeks ago - just like a bored 6 year old)

 Impatiently waiting for the PVA to dry results in strange photos but - look at those stars! 
You too could have a shell this pretty! - all you need is watered down PVA, stars, glitter, a paint brush that you don't love and some spare time. 
And I know what you're thinking 'Who Wouldn't want a giant glittery shell?' I know kids, I know, some people ask the strangest questions - obviously 'no-one'. (Ah double negatives)

Onto clothes - Pink was my new black, but I may have to crawl back to black - somewhat Beetlejuice, somewhat 'I intend to have a uniform of dark colours when travelling' and general goth-fab is lending itself to a new outlook. (See that scarf? Every self respecting fabulous person needs a good warm wool-bower )
Poochie (so regal) she too agrees with black fur as a must.
Ah Winona
As I told the doctor - 'sometimes when you feel like shit the only thing to make it better is to feel like a princess' (hence skirt) and then the boredom led to photobooth.

The shell has a story, but, I chose not to illuminate. Be satisfied with the knowledge that glitter is all important always.


  1. that bit about feeling like shit and looking like a princess? Utter truth. The medical world should really tap into this knowledge.

  2. I love the glittered shell, beautiful and poetic idea to spare time !