Monday, April 4, 2011

Snow Shuffle

This blog is a place for materialistic desires (my conscience prefers MATERIALISTIC EXPRESSIONISM), and so, given that I have booked tickets headed away from sunny Australia to chilly Iceland and Russia, I'm indulging -
Cold Times Shopping List

First - some good creepers. For stomping.
Recently I saw some Issey Miyake creepers in an opshop for $40 (op shops are so greedy these days) that were just a tad too far towards hideous on the ever present amazing-vs-hideous scale (sadly they didn't fit anyway). Generally though, I am scared of buying creepers - they all seem so much fiercer than me.
Obviously I will need Yohji Yamamoto a/w2000 - the ultimate Tibetan Snow Shaman collection (yes that's right - 'the ultimate', because the competition in that category is so great)
And should I fall victim to the pressures of sleep - no problem - donna dress is a bed that travels with you! Snoozin Chic.
Yohji Yamamoto Fall 2000 Ready-to-WearYohji Yamamoto Fall 2000 Ready-to-WearYohji Yamamoto Fall 2000 Ready-to-Wear
It is important to keep our precious heads snug too, encased in fluffly tombs. Is something here reminicant of Hoth attire?
Marc Jacobs a/w2010. So much amish-y goodness from this collection. Practical sweaters for practical people. Not-so-practical etherial dresses for practical people too.
Tsumori Chisato a/w2011colours for legs. I love how the collection was true to the label - lots of colour and cute and bright - but retained a more muted element to make it seasonal.
 LD Tuttle collaboration with Complex Geometries A/W 11-12. Also for stomping. Somehow I feel they would be practical for the snow. Probably because they resemble dinosaurs - and no one fucks with dinosaurs (except extinction)

Alas I am currently dancing the line between thrifty and greedy, I should be saving my pennies on actually Getting to Iceland. 
Put simply, I'm just going to start attaching pom poms to everything in an attempt to curb spending and satiate my wanton ways.
Pompom times began yesterday after finding my sister making a model of phosphorus using pipecleaners and fluff balls in all my favourite colours. A tiara was born.

Bye for now and Sweet Dreams!
Goodnight, you princes of Maine. You kings of New England


  1. Believe in yourself. You are fucking fierce!

  2. Pom Pom Tiara. My life is complete.
    (When I make myself one anyway.)