Wednesday, December 1, 2010

But Ma, It'll Grow Back

I've lately become really repetitive about wanting to cut my hair off. Here is a highly technical 'concept drawing'
I do really want to cut my hair off. It is long enough to curtain a respectable sized brothel (if brothels were strange enough to drape hair about the place - or if anywhere were strange enough to drape hair about the place). 
... I digress - my hair is very silly and dark and long and repetitive. I am at an age where certain stupid things must be done - to mark time and some-such - and quite frankly it's been too long since I had a really regrettable hair cut.
First I intend to get all Jane about it.
And then hopefully go nanna-rinse purple (Oh how I love nanna rinse purple) (though first I will have to spectacularly bleach it)

Here is a selection of the expansive array of hair-desire photos I have recently compiled, any of these, plz
 Chanel Hair. See also, the Comme des Garcons fall '09 hair in the right side bar
 Yay Gwen! Kurt! Courtney!
 fairy flossy
  I dearly wish I were cool enough to rock this. Regrettably there are probably less than a dozen people in the world cool enough.
 Lula Issue 6

By the by, where can one donate hair to charity in Australia hmmmmmmm?
I would also like to cut my tonsils out. This is my fourth bout of tonsillitis this year. Tonsils however, are less easy to chop.

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