Sunday, November 21, 2010

And then... Elbaz saw fit to help

Oh yes, that time has come. Rejoice! Lanvin hearts H&M. That means that we too can heart Lanvin, but within a feasible price bracket!
The show last night apparently had the crowd up in arms, as the beautiful-people were allowed to rush around buying up before the rest of the swarming masses.
The fact that getting the beauty to Australia will be nigh impossible barely even dampens the excitement. Fashion is fun, this collection is fun, people will be fun, yadda yadda EVERYONE IS HAPPY!

It's all so bright and playful, the flowers and poochies and smiling models - don't you just want to be a part of Alber Elbaz's warm-fuzzy life? (Even the black ensembles are playful. What?) There seems to me to be little-to-no H&M influence, rather Lanvin at H&M prices (have I mentioned that it's Lanvin at H&M prices? - well okay, reasonably I guess we shall part with a few extra dollars, but 'Lanvin Leading The People'!)

The zebra print, with it's volume and clashing prints should be worn exactly as the catwalk, with no variations, except maybe more zebra print.

 The faux fur revival brings glittering tears of happiness to my eyes.

 Yes, that is a little Geldof there - "Let's bring in the youth!" Bugger that. Let's bring in the tulle!

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