Friday, November 26, 2010

St. Peter Preached The Epistles To The Apostles Looking Like That

Meadham Kirchhoff Spring 2011
It's like a Harajuku girl vomited on a mild-mannered punk. 
Add the shoes to my Christmas list please darling.
The Meadham Kirchhoff show in September began with a tape from an old Courtney Love interview, and the entire collection obviously reflects the Riot Grrrrl and Kinderwhore mentality of Courtney and here contemporaries.
"You want feminine? Fine! Here. HOW ABOUT SOME MORE?! YES!? too much? 
Well Fuck You. Don't tell grown women to look like little girls and then snarl when the results are twisted" - That's how I hear it anyway. Gorgeous.
... and all the peasants shall wear a wide collar and fluffy jacket. And it will be good.

 Pink, yellow and purple is one of my favourite colour combinations, the grunge style hair however takes it away from lolly-pop land and makes the viewer question kewpie-doll death-stare 'pretty'.
A couple of times it touches on being a bit too reminiscent of a Lolita fantasy, but obviously we will wear the clothes with the appropriate accessories, for we are all clever, and know that the runway is not intended as a full-wardrobe, 
and it will be good. 
 Weeping angel dress? Yes! Sheer? Yes! To the floor? Yes!

 The Good Witch of the North.

images brought to you by here, and sailor moon

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  1. Their SS2011 RTW collection is my favorite out of all they have ever made. I would wear everything from this collection. I would live breath and eat these clothes. Yes, it did just say eat, these clothes are that amazing i would consume them