Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Joy of Plastic

Isn't it perfect, aren't I divine, don't you think I'm more me than I've ever been?"
Yes, in the wise words of Fran I am more Me than ever before, thanks to Hello Kitty, and more specifically, my new watch
On the left is a drawing of my ideal watch. It was inspired by someone's pencil case in year 11 maths - the soft plastic frill is imperative to the overall design. Failing that watch, I became the owner of the silver watch in the photo. But all this changed yesterday when I found That Hello Kitty watch in an Op-shop for $2!
(there were also heaps of old Who magazines - one of them has an article about 'hot young couple Justin and Brittany' !!)
(isn't that a cheeeezy photo? so kitsch)

Harajuku girl, Hello Kitty swarovski, Doc Martins, Hello Kitty wedding dress, Sailor (Chibi) Moon, Britney Spears in Pop, Sailor Moon, gems

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