Wednesday, November 24, 2010

If Nicole Diver had stayed until the 70s on the same Riviera

It looks like this blog is becoming a, a, a, fashion blog. Fuck. No one needs another fashion blog, and I certainly don't have anything unique to say. Actually, the world doesn't need any more blogs at all, there just isn't That much to say.
Oh well.
After a year of lusting after Miu Miu s/s2010 and attempting to convince a fashion-student friend to make me one of the collars (naked ladies included please and thank you) I thought the Miu Miu loving was over after seeing a slightly underwhelming fall/winter collection. But then I went and got all ditzy over the pants of Resort 2011. Pants! Weird righhht?

 Undecided about if they would look better high-wasted
 Safari sisters
 The drapery on these jumpsuits is so elegant, yet retains the playfulness of the collection. Hehe! I am so serrrious. But, they are totz cute
I rummaged around in my own wardrobe. This is as close as I could get for 70's pants cut and print:
All op-shop fodder (hat, leotard and pants) except for the Isabela Capeto for Melissa jellies, which are annoyingly painful for something so cute.
Poochie too!

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