Friday, November 19, 2010

Blogging is so Passé Darling

I assumed I had missed the blogging boat years ago. 'Everyone' knows how hard it is to become an established blogger these days.
Well, fuck y'all I decided. 
I don't want to be anything other than someone who wants a blog without direction. (But not a tumblr, I'm not 15 and in need of 'alternative' recognition).

Has this quite sufficiently conveyed that I am a bitch in 50 words or less. Yes? I'm doing Daria proud.
- Post Script, I don't actually have anything against tumblr and I generally think they're a great way of filling the internet with pretty things. I just like to be nasty.

Speaking of tumblr, it was Amy Andronicus' Top Ten Ways to be a Feminist in 2010 that made me decide to stop being a sneaky blog reader and just make a blog for myself.
Oh, how validating.
(Am I using sarcasm as a way of being distant from this whole thing, so that if I blog three times and never return I can say I never really cared. Probably. Didn't the teens of the 90s do so much for my generation?) I take it all back. Please like me.

"Here, hare, here? Oh! Here, hare here!"

love Jazz

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