Monday, November 29, 2010

Drippy, Droppy, Drapey

 Argh! Rodarte SS 2011! Where is the Rodarte in this collection?
The Mulleavy sister's certainly veered from their perfected deconstructionism this year for a naturalistic and understated collection. (I don't know why I'm assuming this know-it-all tone, I was just really surprised by the show)
Farm-yard aesthetics gave way to wood grains, a touch of blue and green, before closing with gold pieces that reflected the girls previous motifs of layering and draping. It seems to reflect a passage of time, ya know peasant to merchant to noble. 

Also, I saw a clip recently where Jason Schwartzman was loving on Rodarte! 
Dear Jason,
I love you. So much.
Love Jazz
 Fall 2009
 Fall 2009 - 'Fall' is a bloody stupid term
 Fall 2008
 Spring 2008 - Is that Iekeliene Stange?

 Is this 2010? I can't remember. Such a good collection though, all maroon and tribal and sequin-y
 Spring 2009
Spring 2009

Today I draped a scarf and lamented the lack of Rodarte in my life (a not uncommon past-time)
Then I looked off-camera like a really lame poser, though in reality it was because my mum was yelling 'wanker' at me. Looking a bit bosomly.
This pink scarf was a present. So was the crown. Lovely clever friends. A man in the supermarket called me the 'Yawning Princess'
Also, these socks may look cute, but the paint rubs off and makes me a little sad. You can't see, but the blue socks matched the blue head scarf.

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