Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oscar the Grouch

Dear Cate
Thank you for being stylish.

Wearing Givenchy Couture where everyone else is too dull. Doesn't she look stately? Don't you wish she was your mother?
The stiff shoulders, the smattering of yellow against virginal white - spewing pearls from a cut-out mystery love disk. Little tentacles reaching down to frame her vagina. 
Like some elegant child of Neptune brought down to make us reconsider 'hot' - 
I mean, this gal looks 'hot' but anyone with a figure like that can look good in a Red Singlet, but there's no Style. 
"Hey boyz - look Boobies" meh

gimme velvet clad vampire tits any day
Helena Bonham Carter Colleen Atwood 2011 Academy Awards Oscars red carpet dress
I will salute that flag. Helena you're still my Queen.

...But the Oscars are an event to showcase the film industry, not to facilitate your Petty Bitching. That gal in the red may be a superb actor and all you can say is that she should be shamed for flaunting her figure,  you should be remarking upon her talents...
trust me, I do that too 
~I'm Pretentiously Critical about Everything~


  1. Helena Bonham Carter is just amazing. I love her as an actress and as a style icon.