Thursday, March 3, 2011

Little Lusting Lusts

I just really want a little lace veil attached to a headband without the Maison Michel price tag attached. (Ears Optional). Like a lacy sex bunny, with none of the sex appeal (dressing for the other sex is wrong and Must Be Avoided).
~Enquire within for gift giving~

Tiny Succulent Garden Ring
They're not real! When excitement is followed by harsh reality at etsy.

Oh Little Plastic Karl - won't you in your acrylic wisdom watch over me? Much like the real Karl I imagine them both to withstand age and assault in the same way - to sneer - all cold and hard and fabulous.


  1. i love this blog. its like you take exact thoughts from my head and make them funny. ps. I've also been scouting a lace veiled head band ears optional, eeeeks!

  2. i heart karl. it's really creepy listening to him talk because your like's karl. crap. hot headbands i crave lace hatwear