Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunny Yodelling with Sonny and Cher (the last bit is a lie)

New Skirt Today!
We shall call the print 'Switzerland in the Summer Time'. Matched it with my favourite 90s pink lace crop top.
It is the fashion worlds equivalent of this film clip-

I was inspired to do a bit of a Tavi style mood board, but I was restricted to the things that were within reach/not underneath a pile of debris
Super Kawaii Alarm clock was a gift this week!
Toothbrush and love heart notepad from Daiso

Also on the gift front I was bequeathed some brilliant purple cords this week
 Neck to Ankle Corduroy! Makes me want to climb trees. Thug.

"such a sexy swedish working girl but not naughty working like working mum who does painting classes on the weekend" - Ruby

Zoe also demands recognition for bringing B*witched 'back'. So we must thank her for being so wise and benevolent. 


  1. hahahah the blonde girl after she get's kissed on the cheek 'get a loif'.
    also the pooch in the video clip