Saturday, March 19, 2011

Be Like The Raggydolls and say "I Just Don't Care"

I was heckled today! It was brilliant. On the country train home in the country, I clambered aboard and instantly heard -
"OMG did you See that girl in the yellow bow?"
"Why is she wearing That?" "Where do you find clothes that gross?" "She looks like an old woman" "I'd rather die than be dressed like that" and so on and so forth. (Should I mention that of these youths the girls were wearing legging/tracksuit pants and hoodies, an inch deep in make up and playing Rihanna loudly from a phone?)
 As they got off they hurled a few more and gave me the finger. Brilliant. Later I saw them as I walked down the street - they yelled 'FREAK' at me from the other side of the road.
Oh how I have missed this.

The outfit however is disappointing banal -
 (Seductively unbuttoning? The first time I have ever used the word seductive in regards to myself? things to ponder)
 (Matching Two Piece! + gold tights, not strange coloured legs)
I bought a duffle coat in celebration! and I didn't even have to break a note - lovely country op shops


  1. that first jacket is like a teensy victorian dress or something. to die for! i really like the green/yellow colour combo too.

    silly girls, calling you a freak as if that's a bad thing. One time someone yelled at me from a car and said, "nice halloween costume." I thought, wow, my full length green velvet jacket is way cooler than I had originally thought.

  2. Being heckled by people dressed 'in a certain way' is definitely a compliment.
    Go you!