Friday, March 11, 2011


University is back for the year. I'd rather be doing this -
(circa 1997. Hairstyle - exactly the same)
But I have to pretend to be a grown up. jk I study film making.

Here's the sorry tale: I study in the city and live in the country. The travelling is quite a pain so I stay in the big smoke with friends when I need to be at uni. ('Why not move out?' is a situation I will refrain from whinging about right now) So - I live out of a backpack for many days of the week. 
It kinda sucks but I figured I could make a gift for my fellow commuting freaks by offering this:

How To Make More Outfits From Fewer Clothes
Clothes of the week - Princess dress, cable knit jumper, oversized silk man shirt, Ruby's American Apparel leggings and that fluffy headband you can maybe see in the middle? 
Lasted: Monday to Thursday
Treasured Backpack. Day 1.
Day 2. 
(I always feel like such a wanker posting this pose-y shite)
This dress is ma favvvorite. 'Angelic' and 'etherial' were the words of the day. As was the statement 'You look like my mum at her wedding'.

Day 3
'Oh hi there fellow student!' Taking photos in 'empty' university rooms can be strange. Also - look at my lovely eye! Del Kathryn Barton x Romance Was Born (I think)
Day 4

Farewell for now. Already behind on my homework. xxx

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  1. Hahaha, i do the same thing sometimes, especially when im away somewhere:)
    cute outfits!