Sunday, December 12, 2010

what he's got you ain't had time to learn

Judy Geeson and Sidney Poitier understood it
(When I youtub-ed this clip I discovered glee did 'to sir with love'. All wrong)

I used to bloody love facehunter, I was hysterical when he responded to my myspace message (yes, myspace guyzz), but then he took a picture of two girls kissing at a party, and as one thing leads to another I just got over street style blogs.
Though recently I have been checking in because I heard Yvan was in Melbourne, and I was interested as to how home comes across.
Bloody Terrible!
I like to think of Melbourne as a stylish city, the photos however make us seem so banal, so Sydney (lol jks luv u bebes)

People don't understand sex appeal these days, if you ask me.
Nancy Sinatra had sex appeal.
The Lisbon girls are more desirable due to their ill fitting clothes leaving so much to be imagined, they are nymphets, they cast a spell, unlike the Kim Kardashian's of today. (Why Oh Why Is She Famous? Celebrity Is Dead)

Less is More

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