Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ocean Grrrl

Gemma Ward - Pirates of the Caribbean
I don't really give a damn that there is a new Pirates of the Caribbean film. 
It annoys me somewhat that the once fabulous Johnny Depp seems to be compromising himself more and more, and that the man was paid an absurd figure (US$77 million) to reprise his role, but whatevrr.
What does interest me however is that my favourite Australian model-cum-actress is playing a very aggressive looking mermaid in the film!

Oh Gemma! I never believed the rumours that you had gotten fat and lost your spark!
Oh Gemma! You were so Spectacular in The Black Balloon, I hope you continue acting for a long time. 
(I had forgotten how Damn Sexy her accent is. She is my favourite kind of Australian.)
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