Wednesday, December 8, 2010

... sylvia plath and so on and so forth

Recently I decided I was a Teen Witch. Who isn't these days?

I made myself a t-shirt and went off to a party. 
It was nice to have a little teasing.
I miss the strange insults once common at high school.

marios schwab SS/11
Warning: paragraph of reminiscing. 
('Why not delete the boring paragraph Jazz?' 'Because it's my blog farkers')

To reminisce - On one free dress day a teacher said with her standard nasty drawl "You look Weird Jazz", while another person told me I looked like the "before shot from 'What Not To Wear'". Which was Awesome (No sarcasm, it made my day)
- There were also incidents the day I came as Pippy LongStockings to book week
- Though, on a different occasion a girl approached (yes, I did go to a posh all-girl school, and yes, it was weird) and said "Wow Jazz, I would actually, like, consider wearing what you're wearing! You got it right for once" - to which I was particularly insulted - that this human thought my fabulous clothes could potentially grace her body was a horrid thought.
- I shall stop there before a stupor overcomes us

Sadly the best I tend to get these days are mild-mannered insults from my 13-15 year old sister and step-sisters
Anyway, ranty ranty
here is my teen-witch t-shirt
you may think 'oh you lame posing poser', but note the helmet on the bike - this girl means business
Spooky Witch No Face!

(If I'm going to keep up being this consistently vain and lame - Vaime? No. Let us not mention 'vaime' again. Anyway, I need a tripod. Walking around the garden looking for appropriate tree stumps is becoming tedious.)


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit, especially the skirt and using the mask as a belt. I really want to see a close up of the necklace you are wearing in the last photo, it looks so cool. And trust, you havnt seen lame posing until youve seen the pictures i take for my blog. Tres lame :P

    your new follower,
    Paolina Alexandra
    check me out!

  2. sweet belt! I really love the picture with the cat & the pyramid too