Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dear Agyness

Dear Agyness Deyn, I am annoyed at you.
I know you're a babe,
and I know that you wear awesome clothes (most of the time)
and I know that you are always on the catwalk for my favourite shows
dear Agyness
you did untold damage when you wore these denim cut-off shorts a few years ago.
Now dear Agyness I can't walk down the street without seeing these monstrosities on the thin and round legs alike of every silly young girl.
Obviously denim shorts were not your invention dear Agyness
but now, in an era of McFashion were a style can be in stores mere days after an icon wears them,
everything becomes bastardised.
And the youth do not know it was you who caused the pocket-showing fad, and that you are funky, and that you can rock it
and that they cannot.

I know Aggy, that you loved denim shorts
but they make me sad.
And now they are making the streets of Australia uniform and ugly.

Dear Agyness - next time, look before you leap.

Love Jazz

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  1. Australia too?! Yuck

    Love it! BlackMagicBoogie