Monday, December 6, 2010

Oodally Oodally (Really more a Jordan than a Daisy)

I am such a liar - I have definitely not posted everyday 
though, I did cut all my hair off!
A Daisy Buchanan look is in order - my voice however, is not full of money.

Generally i disagree with 'the dress' mentality, that one dress can stand alone to vanquish all layering possibilities (sometimes I amaze myself at my own wanker-dom)
though, in the case of this Dhini Couture dress from Alice Euphemia it must stand alone, In conjunction with this pretty pretty hat (the only interesting thing about the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is the abundance of hats for sale in the following weeks). 
Where are the mint juleps? 
Worn with American Apparel leotard underneath, otherwise bosoms galore

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