Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rosary and a Laminate

The old case of - Missing In Wardrobe,
today I found this old-and-way-too-big-but-'hey could come in handy' tuxedo shirt in my wardrobe while looking for a raincoat (A raincoat in December you cry? "I thought this was meant to the Bloody Australian Summer!")
I threw it over what I was wearing (cleaning room clothes), which worked surprisingly well - looking like some sort of crazy conductor/priest. Set it off with some rosary and the Del Kathryn Barton for Romance Was Born eye.
(I should have cropped this, but the room looks wiXXed)
Oh, behold my sad ol' cotton galaxy leggings with their flaking white paint. Wouldn't it be The Best Thing Evarrr to wake up and they had transformed into Black Milk's far superior galaxies?!
With a bathing suit like that I would force myself to spend all summer on the beach, being a beach babe.
I'm pretty sure Black Milk started earlier this year (in Melbourne? Well, Australia somewhere) and they're such a fab example of small business blossoming in a time where such things are supposedly "impossible".
Must buy Christmas-time excuse presents

I cut my hair Even Shorter! Again! Looking more and more like my year 1 photo (one on the right if you couldn't tell)
Oh Bill! I can never watch this clip from Freaks&Geeks without tearing up.

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