Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Riots Not Diets

Bianca Jagger

There's a line in '10 Things I Hate About You' where Bianca tells Cameron that a girl only buys black underwear if she wants someone to see them.
Fuck That.
Fuck dressing, doing, being or anything else for anyone else.
Fuck fake tan.
I know third wave feminism says I can shave my legs if I want to, as long as it's for me, but I hate the expectation.
My dear friend/prodigy/wunderkind (and all round nice guy) Tessa was telling me recently that she became increasingly jealous of the blokes during Movember and wants to start something girl oriented.
The first idear was Febru-Hairy. To promote self esteem. Fuck shaving your legs, and personally, I think the armpits should be freed. (Though the protests are that February is the Australian summer and hence the whole thing is annoying.)
Secondly was Va-June-a - all the sisters are free to talk about their lady bits, and everyone is encouraged to have a pap smear, or something equally lady.
This girl's onto something.

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