Friday, December 10, 2010

her majesty's a pretty nice girl, someday I'm gonna make her mine

Did you love Sarah Burton's first collection for Alexander McQueen?
(Well, first if you disregard her position as right-hand man for the past 15 years and putting out Resort just after McQueen's untimely passing.)
I know I loved it, true to McQueen's extravagance, but slightly more diminutive (which wasn't a hard task), the show was less outrageous and the shapes were more toned down, but it was right
Watch it Here, I haven't bothered to include many pictures
I imagine Shi Xianggu would have dressed like this, or at least, I would have worn this if I had been the greatest female pirate of all time.
 This butterfly collar was the show stopper in my eyes. AND THE SHOES!
What do you think they're made of? I said 'duh metal' until a jeweller pointed out the ridiculousness of that and insisted that the leaves are stiffened gold leather around a heel.

And now for a ridiculous segway, McQueen to Lace to Lace Coat to I Bought A New Lace Coat
I also have a pretty headband
-Ohh edgy-

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